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Migration / Homelessness
Migration / HomelessnessTopic: Migration / Homelessness LT focus:develop the concept of justice, responsibility and empathy through a …infantsequality-and-justice
Planting Bulbs
Planting BulbsTopic: Planting Bulbs The purpose of this lesson is to explore the concept of growing …, 1st-2nd-class infantsethics-the-environment
Feeling Happy
Feeling HappyTopic: Feeling Happy This is a very short and simple lesson plan. Introduction Circle time …infantsmoral-spirituality
National Tree Week
National Tree WeekTopic: National Tree Week Investigate ‘What trees do for us?’ Introduction Use the books ‘A …1st-2nd-classethics-the-environment
Martin Luther King Day
Martin Luther King DayTopic: Martin Luther King Day This is a very basic outline to a lesson to …1st-2nd-classequality-and-justice
3 Short Lessons on Judaism
3 Short Lessons on JudaismLesson 1 Create a Padlet  as a KWL chart to collect children’s existing knowledge of …3rd-4th-classbelief-systems